News about the novel ‘Between Two Kings’!

Anne Boleyn and King François I of France

Awesome news for fans of Anne Boleyn!

Hello, my dear readers!

A few months ago, I finished working on the new version of ‘Between Two Kings’, the first novel in my Anne Boleyn alternate history series.  I also completed the revised version of ‘The Queen’s Revenge’ that is a sequel to Between Two Kings.  Anne Boleyn and King François I of France

Now I’m looking for a publisher or an agent to have these novels republished.  Between Two Kings was first published in 2015, becoming a bestseller in the Science Fiction section on Amazon.  It was unpublished at my request for a reason unrelated to the novel in early 2017.

My new reimagining of the Anne Boleyn story is written in my descriptive, soul-stirring prose, and it features some new storylines and characters.  Romance, deadly court and political intrigues, vengeance, historical detail, and red-hot passion – you will find all these captivating things in this series.  How Anne will survive in this version?   Will she have her revenge on King Henry VIII of England, whom she hates with every fibre of her being?   Will she find happiness in her marriage to King François I of France, or is she doomed to never love again?  You will get answers in my novels!

Several awesome people helped me rewrite these works.  Two of them were kind to write their reviews on the new version of my Anne Boleyn novels!

Review by a historian

J. C. Plummer American historianA review by J. C. Plummer, an American historian and co-author of Robin Hood’s Dawn

Between Two Kings is a unique reimagining of Anne Boleyn’s life and an exciting beginning to Olivia’s Anne Boleyn alternate history series.  This second edition has taken her inventive plot to a new level of excellence in its style, plot progression, and alignment with real history.

The secret to success in any alternate history is that delicate balance between what was and what could have been.  Olivia’s extensive knowledge and study of this time period and the colorful characters which populate it, shines throughout the book.

The relationship between Anne and King François I of France is romantic and develops over time.  As a couple, they are clearly more compatible than Anne and Henry.  It is a passionate relationship that evolves and builds in a natural way that readers will find touching, yet plausible.

If you are a reader who savors books, who wants to be immersed in another world, then you will enjoy Olivia’s highly expressive prose.  Her world building is detailed, whether it is describing period clothing or complex emotions.  Her similes and metaphors are imaginative, and at times, unusual in a way that fans of descriptive narratives will find stimulating. 

I hope to see the second edition of this novel in print soon, and I wish Olivia every success with her writing career.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank J. C. for all her invaluable help!

My best regards,

Olivia Longueville

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Alison Mac
Alison Mac
3 years ago

I loved the new book. Revision has made it more solid and exciting as it is more intricate!

Alison Mac
Alison Mac
3 years ago

This book is the one I have been waiting for. As a history student I have always loved this story, as a Catholic school student I was taught that Anne Bolelyn had six fingers and was a home wrecker , as someone who continues to study and learn I found the Tudor period fascinating. Anne has always intrigued me. But with every wonderful history written, I watched inevitable end loom closer. Olivia deLoungville’s book gave me that. It is an awesome reimagining of what could have been. Had Anne been sent to a nunnery or put aside as Catherine was we would probably not have the Tudor studies we have today. Anne provided Henry this afterlife of historical interest, not to mentiion an heir who is considered one of the greatest monarchs ever! So having a story about what her life could have been is a wonderful thought and to have an author who cares so much as to rewrite it with even more wonderful style is a boon! I read it in it’s1st form and I liked it and I have reread the new edition and I loved it. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in this series. For any fan of Anne, this is a gift that allows us to imagine what could have been had Anne escaped. I read quite a bit of history but reading this book allowed me to have a tiny bit of satisfaction. Anne’s story has been told and retold, this is Anne if only………
I can not wait for Queen’s revenge to be released! Thank you Olivia!aa

Alison Mac
Alison Mac
2 years ago

I loved this book and this story! I love to read.about Anne Bolyn except of course the end! This gives Anne a new life and a new hope! Thank you for taking us on this journey

Kathleen Hayes
Kathleen Hayes
2 years ago

When does the second book comes out

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