Oh my Eos!

This is one of my new poems from a novel: an appeal of the bridegroom in love to his wife whom he lovingly calls his Eos’.  I hope you will enjoy it!

Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn

Oh my Eos, the dawn of my new life!

May my two hands against your heart be for you

Here on earth the emblems of gentleness!

The emblems of you and our marriage!


Let us live like two frenzied prayers

Straining always one towards the other.

May our kisses on our enraptured mouths

Be for us here on earth the symbols of our life!


As you appear on the morning sky, my Eos,

I smile, I breathe, I live, and I awaken,

Without you there is no life at all –

Just darkness and permanent illness.


But just as you emerge on the sky

With rosy fingers and forearms,

My heart hammers harder, and I fly,

        And then I take my Eos into my arms.


All images are in the public domain.

Text © 2020 Olivia Longueville

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