Bewitching Dark Eyes

My poem: an ode of someone in love with Anne Boleyn and bewitched by her dark eyes.   I have more poems about Anne for my new version of the novel “Between Two Kings”.

I drown my entire soul in your two eyes,

As black as night that gives me paradise,

Just looking into them – it does create

The mad rapture of my frenzied soul.

I’m steeped in their allure and enigma,

Am I damned by some heavenly stigma?

I drown in two pools of black water,

They are burning my heart hotter.

When these eyes shone like rainbows,

They become two golden windows.

Their lucent fires burn me completely,

Concretely, utterly, featly, and sweetly.

Burned to the cinders, I’m reborn again

Thanks to these eyes and their golden rain –

The strong rain of their hypnotizing allure,

That falls upon the whole of me as a cure.


All images are in the public domain.

Text © 2020 Olivia Longueville

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