“The lurch and halt of my heart…”

Now I am totally engrossed in re-reading the final version of the first installment in the Anne Boleyn alternate history series.  The novel ‘Between Two Kings’ will be republished in the fall, with God’s help.  On the 1st of September 1532, in a special ceremony at Windsor Castle, King Henry VIII elevated Anne Boleyn to the title of Marquess of Pembroke.  Quite a remarkable event!  This is a poem from my novel to glorify Anne from the name of someone in love with her.

I do feel the lurch and halt of my heart

When I stare right into my Anne’s eyes,

Full of enigma and beauty of my sweetheart,

Almost mythical contents I can see in them,

As if she were a creature of magical sunrise.

Yet, my Anne’s eyes are two brown pools of fire

That burns me with their intense, fine art –

Art of the majestic mystery of my sweetheart,

I discern in them my own Gardens of Eden,

My golden future and our glorious reign,

I’m hooked to my wife’s eyes which I adore.

I hope that you like my imagery!  Anne deserves all the best and hundreds of poems in her honor!

All images are in the public domain.

Text © 2020 Olivia Longueville

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