Poetry and prose are a canvas where a writer uses words
to paint different shades of life with colors of emotion.

My dear readers!

There is some very exciting news about my Anne Boleyn books!

Recently, I’ve started working on the new version of book 1, Between Two Kings, and the revised version of book 2, Queen’s Revenge. There will be several books in this alternate history series.

This dazzling reimagining of the Anne Boleyn story will feature descriptive and soul-stirring prose with new storylines and characters. I know you will find it more exciting and more captivating than the original version from the first page of the prologue.

Romance, deadly court and political intrigues, vengeance, historical detail, and red-hot passion – you will find all these things in this series.  My goal is to make readers root for two strong protagonists – Anne Boleyn and King François I of France, who join forces to take revenge on their sworn enemies and who bravely face danger at every turn. I’m committed to creating multi-dimensional characters and devising an effective story structure for our beloved Anne Boleyn.

Don’t miss our unique retelling of the Robin Hood legend!

J. C. Plummer, my American friend and co-author, and I have been hard at work on our Angevin and Robin Hood projects. Please check our website: www.angevinworld.com

Angevin World was born in 2015 when the internet brought together two people, who share a love of writing and history. In working together, J. C. Plummer and I discovered that the lush romanticism and passionate lyricism of my European heritage had found an unexpected counterpart in the pragmatic, yet inventive, American traditions of Coleen (J.C.).

Our new book – Robin Hood’s Dawn (The Robin Hood Trilogy Book 1) – is now available in both e-book and paperback formats from all good online stores. This book will be interesting for all those who love medieval fiction and British history, so check Books on my website.