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During the Middle Ages, life and culture were primarily focused on the Catholic Church.  According to religion, life on earth had to be endured, while in heaven people were supposed to find their peace at last.

At the beginning of the 14th century, the Church’s power was declining, partly due to the rise of humanism.  The concept that mankind has beauty, worth, and dignity became predominant, making people more inclined to thinking about themselves, their happiness in ordinary life, and the here and now.  I’ve always admired the social, philosophical, and intellectual philosophies of the Renaissance era, in which the beauty and mind of the individual were elevated to preeminence. 

An increased awareness of nature, a revival of classical learning, literature, and the arts, as well as the blossoming of education with libraries and academies allowing thorough research to be conducted into the culture of the antique world – all these things characterize the great era of enlightenment.  These are the chief reasons why most of my works, both published and unpublished, are set in this historical period, with the exception of my Robin Hood trilogy (co-written with J. C. Plummer), which is set in the 12th century.

Sandro Botticelli Primavera