The Muse for Coleen and Olivia

Calliope, Muse of poetry

To J. C. Plummer (Coleen), who is my American friend and co-author of our Robin Hood Trilogy.   This poem is about the artistic Muse of two friends and co-authors, who communicate online because they live on different continents.

Tender, warm breezes of creativity come

In linking crescents, light and fleet,

The greatest Lady Coleen of Texas hums

A welcome song to the artistic Muse.


She sees the Muse’s jaunty hat, its plume

Swerved bird-like in the merry gale,

Her cheeks flushing with unearthly bloom,

Her eyes shimmering through the veil.


The quick breath parts her grinning lips,

Her neck shines through her glossy curls

As she tilts her head to the Lady Coleen

To whisper: “Write, I shall always be here!”


The nymph embraces Coleen like a daughter,

Blessing her with the greatest talents and gifts,

Along the devious lines of earthly slaughter,

The Muse has at last found her beloved mistress.


Smooth be their ways from now on, secure their treads

As they pursue their destiny, taking Olivia with them.

The Muse’s heart will beat against Coleen’s and Olivia’s

In sorrow and joy, in life and death, in calm and mayhem.

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