Earth smiles in its happy dreaming…


This is my new poem about what I want to feel and have in the future.  Those who know my life story well will understand what I mean very well.  Sometimes, poetry says personal things more powerfully and succinctly than prose.

A flush, a glow on the winter skies of life,

Earth smiles in its happy dreaming,

I’d like to hear the whispering: “Get up!”

The dawn of your spring is beaming.”

My now calmer eyes look at the heavens,

With a smile that has conquered sadness!

Oh, God, I want to hear a song of life!

I want the sweet springtime to come!

Or am I doomed to not have perfect gladness?

Not possible, God has created us to live!

Not to grieve and not to be lifeless!

I look on the dewy sheen of morning sky.

The hymn of my future life is ringing…

Or do I imagine it? No, I hear it all too clearly!

The spring is coming! It is almost here!

I find strength for my burden daily, I’ll persevere!

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