The Muse for true art lovers

Calliope, Greek muse of poetry

A poem to my friend – J. C. Plummer, an American historian.  Written in the lush and a bit whimsical Renaissance style, this poem is about the rare artistic spirits which are not understood by the modern world.

Oh, Coleen! Such a glorious and artistic creature!

This filthy world does not understand you and me,

Narrowing life to money, never cherished love,

It frowns upon us, hurting but not breaking us.


But into our hearts it also casts a meaningful look

Flashed from the tenderest eyes of the distant past,

And, hence, artistic colors light our fates’ guidebook,

Creating the reborn love for art and beauty in us.


The Muse of true art rose from out the deep

Of those enigmatic, alluring eyes of the past,

Her cheeks lit up to charming, burning bloom,

Her eternal spirit sparkling through the past.


Come in the evening or come in the morning,

Come when you are looked for or without warning,

Kisses and welcome you will find in our arms,

Come and wash away the filth of modern charms.


Coleen and Olga will give you sweet flowers to wear,

And, after you have kissed us, we will both blossom,

Please fetch from the past its breeze to inspire us.

Fetch from your fancies a tale that won’t tire us.


Oh, Muse! Your steps are so soft, like the lightest rain,

Yet, we can hear you well, calling to you together,

We will sing sweet songs till stars rise above us,

Till you appear beside us and talk to us in a creative vein.


God, you are here, heavens be blessed, life is now right.

Beauty has won, filth is gone, sun has risen above us.

Then, wandering, Coleen and I will embrace you in silence,

And the birds will be singing, “True art lovers still exist!”

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